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Who We Are

With over 12 years of experience and numerous successful enterprises, we have become the chosen supplier of many institutions around the world. We set up numerous joint ventures with the NHS, the Belgian government, the Peruvian government, the Austrian government, and the Romanian government. We regularly supply medical equipment to over 3000 hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals whose sole mission is to deliver impeccable service and results. As a company that supplies medical equipment globally, we are well prepared to supply wholesale worldwide. We are determined to considerably alleviate the current PPE shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why us

·        Superb quality and excellent service: 

At Vannin Healthcare Global we choose manufacturers to work with based on a strict set of requirements. We do so to ensure superior service at every step of the way.

·        Reasonable prices: 

We are well aware of the current economic situation in the world, and we set our prices accordingly. We know quality products are a prerequisite to helping people in medical settings, so our aim is to offer affordable solutions to healthcare professionals everywhere.

·        Fully certified products:

 Our products are compliant with all the relevant standards and demands of medical regulatory authorities. We pride ourselves in our offer of certified products, especially because the number of unreliable suppliers is on the rise. Ensure workplace safety by choosing from our certified selection of products.

·        Global supplier: 

Vannin Healthcare Global is the chosen supplier of many governments and institutions around the world. We have successfully delivered quality medical equipment to the governments of Belgium, Peru, Austria, Romania, and regularly supply over 3000 hospitals with premium PPE and other products.

·        Fast and safe delivery: 

The time is always of the essence when it comes to medical settings, and we are well aware of that. Because of this, you can rest assured that your order will arrive in the shortest possible time frame, securely.

Our Mission

Managing Healthcare technologies and innovations for improved patient care and patient safety with cost savings in mind.

Geographical Focus

We have a presence throughout the world, with special emphasis on the United Kingdom, Latin America, the Middle East, Southern Europe and India.

Niche Healthcare Company

Local offices in IOM/UK, Chile and Hong Kong

Proven Healthcare and Medical expertise for three decades

Extensive product portfolio including novel EHR and TeleHealth Solutions

Unique Web - CLOUD concept supported by our Medical Devices

Key Player in the international arena with National Screening Programs

Strong relationship with Health Governments Globally

Fully regulated Product Portfolio (FDA - MDD/CE - ISO) and Clinical Governance

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