Green Cube®
The Ultimate Clinical IT and Workflow Optimisation Tool for Each Healthcare Facility

What Is Green Cube®?

A sophisticated Health technology software designed to optimise the Global Healthcare arena. Green Cube® facilitates the overall patient care, efficiency of any hospital, pharmacy, procurement centre, primary care, dental, ophthalmology, or any other medical facility, while keeping your information accessible with the highest level of data security.


Serves as an Electronic Health Record (EHR)
And Health Information System (HIS)

Serves as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) And Health Information System (HIS)

Stores all available patient data while being easily accessible from anywhere. Our Green Cube® EHR only requires a stable Internet connection to be instantly accessible. With Green Cube® you will be able to review and update all financial processes as well as compare and optimise costs with an improved clinical efficiency and outcome.

Allows flexible configuration (configurable permissions, user roles, etc.)

HL7 and DICOM compatible

Equipped with a reliable Clinical alert system

Green Cube® Features

Multi Language: available in different languages

Fast and secure

Developed by a competent team of experts

In accordance with ALL relevant regulations

Instantly accessible

Facilitates real-time decision making

Intuitive configuration and ease of use

Flexible licence payments available

Two sets of integrated departmental modules: Green Cube® Clinical and Green Cube® Management


Developed by a Competent Team of Experts

Developed by a Competent Team of Experts

Green Cube® is the result of years of research conducted by a highly professional team of experts working in the healthcare, IT, and management sectors. They have combined their knowledge and skills creating a unique tool that will serve any medical centre or clinic. Regardless of whether your Healthcare facility is located in a developed or emerging country, Green Cube® serves to give you edge over the competition and raise your healthcare practices to a new level.

Significantly improves patient care and safety

Offers personalised identification and role and permission management


A Sophisticated Healthcare Management System

Serves as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) And Health Information System (HIS)

Besides handling important information of your healthcare facility, Green Cube® is able to regulate all of the processes within and among different departments. Allowing easy exchange of data between the departments, our Green Cube® EHR and HIS will prove invaluable when it comes to project management, organisation, and decision-making. Revolutionise your management procedures and create a highly efficient workflow with Green Cube® healthcare management system.

A must-have tool for statistical analysis, cost control, and project management

An extensive database of accumulated medical knowledge

Serves as an Electronic Health Record (EHR)


A Must-Have Instrument For Statistical
Analysis And Project Management

system solutions for hospitals

Any Healthcare facility will greatly benefit from the use of Green Cube®, especially when it comes to the management of its clinical operations and processes. Being able to connect each specific department of a hospital, Green Cube® not only makes the data exchange quick while keeping the information secure, but it is also able to monitor progress of a set objectives and goal.

HIMSS EMRAM 6 level (Standard) or Level 7 (Optional)

Developed by a competent team of multidisciplinary and healthcare experts


Green Cube® Applications

Departmental Modules

Regardless of the department, Green Cube® can be adjusted to meet its needs fully. With its two sets of departmental modules, this Management System was designed to cover all the necessary functions and completely regulate the processes within the departments. Green Cube® Clinic includes functions meant to ensure you have instant access to health records of your patients, manage their admission competently and quickly, as well as their treatment and care. Whether your patient has been admitted to the ICU or a Surgery Unit, Green Cube® Clinic has been adapted to support all. Meanwhile, Green Cube® Management is designed for all administrative aspects including billing, supply, patient scheduling, and resource management.

Procurement Centre

Green Cube® Healthcare Management System is designed to create, store, and update an extensive database of resources available to your healthcare facility. It will provide you with all the relevant information about the suppliers, units, and items that are immediately obtainable. By facilitating the procurement process, you will be able to instantly examine the current inventory and effectively determine how and where to obtain the most suitable equipment and materials for your facility. Modify the database to your liking with little effort, monitor the consumption of materials and items, and make reliable estimations of your future needs with this integrated tool.

Medical Centres

This Electronic Healthcare Record and Healthcare Information System offers many useful features that will assist your medical centre the most. Instantly access securely stored patient records that will help you decide on the most appropriate treatment for your patient. With Green Cube® you will be able to review the past examinations, prescribed treatment, and medication, as well as medical history and scheduled appointments. Green Cube® is the ultimate tool for high level personalised patient care, making sure your patients feel satisfied with the quality of their treatment and clinical pathway.

Dental, Ophthalmology, Reproduction, and Diagnostics

Our Green Cube® total technology solution can be easily adapted to specific needs of various types of clinics and centres. Able to handle all the procedures typical of dental, ophthalmology, fertility, and diagnostic imaging/radiology centres, Green Cube® optimises the workflow of a facility regardless of its healthcare focus: acute or primary care. This Healthcare Management System is able to adapt the efficiency indicators and offer focus-specific standards of care. Manage the functioning of your healthcare facility completely with lower costs and improved quality of patient care.

Departmental -Clinical- Modules

Management, Procurement and Staff planning (HR) Centre

Fintech Modules

Ambulatory and Medical Centres

Integrated Diagnostics (LIS – PACS/RIS)

Integrated Tele Health, IOT and AI modules




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