Our Mobile Clinics

Make your healthcare services widely available and significantly improve your patient throughout with VHG’s Mobile Clinics! Whether you need additional space for your hospital or workplace, a mobile unit for imaging diagnostics, emergencies, or a safely isolated alternative to deal with the current coronavirus pandemic, we will offer you a solution specifically designed for you.


Highly customisable, our Mobile Medical Trailers can even be linked together into a single High-end Mobile Hospital Facility to
maximise efficiency and provide you with various options you were not aware you had.

Healthcare on the Go

Vannin Healthcare Global has joined hands with leading manufacturers of mobile medical solutions to provide you with the best instruments contemporary medicine has to offer. By enhancing and developing our solutions constantly we have successfully supplied many with our healthcare solutions. Choose our mobile clinics or hospitals for the optimal combination of flexibility – innovation and reach your patients faster wherever they are.

Extremely Customisable

Being impressively expandable and with enough space for your message or logo to fit on its outside surface, our Mobile field Hospitals also come specially equipped with all the necessary instruments you require. Because of this each of them is highly customised to completely fulfill your healthcare needs. Decide which design, size, or equipment best suits your vision/clinical needs and we will turn it into reality quickly, efficiently, and satisfactory.

Specialised designs and segments we offer can focus on:

Global Outreach

Having established a firm presence in every continent, we have made it our mission to make healthcare readily available around the globe. Regardless of whether your services are needed in remote areas or emergency disaster situations, or your hospital just needs additional space with new equipment, our mobile medical solutions are up to the challenge

Amazing Versatility

Our mobile hospitals were designed to be highly customisable which is why you’ll be satisfied with it no matter what type of medical facility you need. The impressive adjustability of the units allows you to choose what sort of service you need to be readily available at all times. Don’t be held back by a location or distance – provide your patients with excellent service no matter where they are.


With our Mobile Clinics you will be a regular winner in the race against time. Everything about these units was optimised for great efficiency and smooth workflow. its hydraulic support system makes loading and unloading of equipment as well as patient transfer a simple and fast process. Within 15 minutes of its arrival our Mobile Medical Trailer is fully prepared and at its maximum capacity.
Aware that a lot of your work is time-sensitive, we have made certain you will have all the equpment you could need freely accessible
in the shortest possible timeframe.

Safety First (Yours as Well!)

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure you are sufficiently protected while treating your patients – a fact easily
noticeable in the design of our Mobile Clinics. If you decide to turn your unit into a radiology room, we will make sure it is adequately
coated with lead (PB). If you need higher quality equipment, you can rest assured that all our units will arrive fully equipped
with state-of-the-art instruments that will immensely improve your patient flow. Treat your patient safely with our Mobile Medical Units!

Firm and Reliable Build

Perfected structure design and building methods make our units especially durable and reliable regardless of the terrain. Their
dependable steel base, composite pannels, and judicious use of fiberglass in combination with two-component paint coating ensure your equpment will always remain in optimal condition.

Why Our Mobile Clinics

The 54-bed MMF Mobile Hospital

At Vannin Healthcare Global we take pride in being able to meet all our client’ needs. Whether you need a single mobile unit or an
entire hospital complex, we deliver securely and quickly. Our 54 Bed Medical Facility is only one example of the highly individualised services we offer. With as many as 16 trailers arriving on trucks of trusted brands (Iveco, Leyland DAF, Mercedes, or MAN) you will have
your complex assembled and ready for use within three hours upon its arrival.

16 trailers with 54 beds  |  800kVA power generator  |  Fast assembly (one to two hours)  |  Can come with 10-year warranty
Model N°2:Single Axis Trailer (61m²)  | Model N°3:Double Axis Trailer (65m²)


Model Nº1: Re-locatable



Model Nº2: Single Axis Trailer



Model Nº3: Double Axis Trailer




mobile clinic scheme. Hospital schematic layout

VHC Product video of the trailers

VHC Product video Medical Quality and Layout (Surgical Theatre)

Don’t Work in Healthcare?

The main focus of our mobile units’ development was to provide you with more options. In today’s society, the one thing that gives you an edge over your competitors is high adaptability. With that in mind we have designed our mobile series to supply you with an easy fix regardless of the problem. Need more space for your business? A readily available alternative for conference or a meeting? An impromptu workplace in case of emergencies? Our highly customisable mobile units are the solution you need!


Inner length

closed: 6.87m

open: 7.26m

Inner width

closed: 2.27m

open: 4.85m

Inside height

closed: 2.39m

open: 2.39m

Hydraulic system



with remote control

Four studs


Sandwich panels






insulated panels


Standard position twist locks


Rear frame

one door to technical area

Technical area

internally finished

HVAC grid included

Front frame

two windows, main entrance, glass door

The electrical system

400V / 50 to 60Hz

1x socket for the dental chair


2x sockets at reception


6x sockets for various equipment


2x RJ45modular data connectors


1x router