News | MAY 2019

NEW: Cardioline Touch EMS ECG IT - PC Solution Added

See our Products, at the EMS Product Section (For selected markets)

News | MAY 2019

NEW: Green Cube EHR UK Practice Management

Our UK market entrance with the Green Cube Primary Care Practice Management Module. This important Module is linked to all Health Segments which guarantees a Total Integrated Health IT system offered by Vannin Healthcare.

News | APRIL 2019

NEW: Green Cube EHR Features: Secure Mobile APP

A Green Cube APP for the Clinician, Nurse and Manager Anywhere and Everywhere.
They can perform all their tasks, such as Review, Inter Consultations, Medication, Evolutions, etc. on their own mobile without the need of a PC or Tablet.

News | February 2019

Vannin Healthcare has added Planmed’s Mammography and CT units to their Turnkey, Mobile Trailer and Hospital Portfolio.

News | February 2019

Vannin Healthcare has established the first EarlySense installation in the Isle of Man at the Ramsey District and Cottage Hospital. All 31 Beds at this Hospital will be supplied with this ground-breaking 24/7 Continuous Monitoring innovation which includes Early Sepsis Detection. (ESD)

News | January 2019

Vannin Healthcare's extensive Global Business expansion and focus is strengthened by the newly registered Company Vannin Healthcare Global Ltd.

News | October 2018

An exciting partnership for the inclusion of all Canon’s Imaging products in Vannin HC’s Mobile Hospital and Trailer solutions, shipped from the UK

News | October 2018

Broad focus on this territory with local partners and support teams with our Health IT, Tele Health, Mobile Trailer and Mobile Hospital solutions.

News | October 2018

The Resuscitation International ROSC-U Miniature Chest Compressor has been added to Vannin Healthcare's extensive devices portfolio. Patient depth selection, 3+ hours Battery Life and 50% lighter weight are distinctive differentiators.

News | September 2018

SmartConnect is a revolutionary tool. It automatically monitors the status of an AED and connects over a mobile network. SmartConnect checks the status every day and notifies the client by SMS or e-mail in case of any irregularity.

News | September 2018

Vannin HC’s latest Green Cube EHR shows the Total Health, Management Tools and Wearables (IoT) integration.

As an addition Green Cube is an important component of our Mobile turnkey solutions

News | August 2018

Considerable focus on this territory with local partners and support teams with our Health IT, Tele Health, Mobile Trailer and Mobile Hospital solutions

News | January 2018

CT/MRI and Hospital turnkey projects will be an important focus area in 2018 for Vannin Healthcare

ASGB will supply advanced clinical mobile trailers. Distributed by us with the inclusion of our extensive range of devices and IT solutions, positioning us as a global leader in this market segment

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News | January 2018

LifeString is an important add-on to our VANPACS imaging cloud data base supporting high-end, low cost Ultrasound Imaging with advanced quantitative analysis software tools

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News | January 2018

Clearance granted by the FDA allows this software and hardware combination to advise the wearer that the reading is normal, or possibly an indication of atrial fibrillation with 95% accuracy

Vannin Healthcare is AliveCor Kardia’s business partner in various selected countries

News | December 2017

Both companies will offer an unparalleled integrated system of Healthcare Management, including the Logistics and Inventory control of Pharma products, fully integrated with Green Cube’s Pharma EHR module

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News | October 2017

TICH Consulting, Vannin Healthcare’s Technology and implementation partner, expands its client portfolio with 5 more HIMSS 6 Hospitals and Medical centres on the Balearic Islands for the management of this Hospital network

News | October 2017

Panoptex, a unique and Patented OfxCloud software, offers expert protection for all Vannin Healthcare cloud solutions, while ensuring all authorized parties have the specific access they require

News | February 2017

Open MRI for large/claustrophobic patients with 1.5T image quality using the new dry technology with 90% less helium consumption. An ideal product for remote and rural areas linked with our economical VANPACS® PACS cloud solution

News | December 2016

We exhibited at the 2016 Dusseldorf Medica, with one of the largest stands in the UK/GB Pavilion

News | October 2016

The AliveCor Kardia PRO facilitates the clinician with an advanced and Economical 24/7 patient database

News | August 2016

This product has been recognised as the leading integrated care solution by various hospitals and primary-care centres.

Patient data access “Everywhere – Anywhere”, with unique integrated ERP, Management, KPI and Pharma modules is a reality with proven improved Patient care and Healthcare cost reductions

News | July 2016

“My EHR Health Portal” supports remote patients, home, primary care systems and chronical care

News | July 2016

Our extensive and extended high-end cloud product solutions link the patient with their clinician and is fully integrated with Green Cube

We are attending as an addition various events around the globe with our Intl. Business partners.

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