We Manufacture and Distribute Top Quallity Nitrile Gloves

Our disposable nitrile gloves allow you to maintain a high level of dexterity while protecting your hands regardless of your profession or task. In addition to providing ample protection from various chemical exposures, they are the gloves with highest penetration resistance against viruses and bacteria. 

Whether you are a medical professional or a supply chain professional, our medical nitrile gloves are the right option for you.

We carefully plan and monitor every stage of the production process in order to be able to guarantee the quality of products.

Our gloves fully conform to the relevant standards:

Please note that if you need reassurance regarding the certification of our products, we are willing to send you the copies of the relevant documents upon request!

Our Nitrile Glove Features

General Features

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Available colours: white, blue
Non-sterile, disposable

Safety Features

Extremely durable and puncture resistant
Provides protection from most chemical exposure
Provides protection against viruses and bacteria

Comfort Features

Ambidextrous design
Rolled rim makes it easier to put them on and off
Custom design for your comfort

Latex-Free and Powder-Free manufacturing

Powder-free as per the FDA’s 81FR 91722
Latex-free manufacturing

100% compliant with regulations

Fully CE-certified and FDA-cleared
EN 455, EN 374, ASTM D6319

White Label Packaging

We can arrange packaging according to your requirements

Who we are

With over 12 years of experience and numerous successful enterprises, we have become the chosen supplier of many institutions around the world. We set up numerous joint ventures with the NHS, the Belgian government, the Peruvian government, the Austrian government, and the Romanian government.

We regularly supply medical equipment to over 3000 hospitals and clinics worldwide.


We are a manufacturer dedicated to producing top-quality gloves which provide our customers with the most effective protection. Every stage of the production process is executed carefully in order to conform both to international standards, and our own uncompromising standards of quality, safety, and environmental sustainability


Physical Specifications
Palm Thickness
Min 0.05 mm
Finger Thickness
Min 0.05 mm
Wrist Thickness
Min 0.05 mm
Tensile Strength Before Aging
Min 14MPa Average 18MPa
Tensile Strength After Aging
Min 14MPa Average 16MPa
Elongation Rate Before Aging
Min 500% Average 580%
Elongation rate After Aging
Min 400% Average 470%
Sizes XS S M L XL
235±5 mm
235±5 mm
235±5 mm
235±5 mm
235±5 mm
Palm width
75±5 mm
85±5 mm
95±5 mm
110±5 mm
120±5 mm
Thumb length
52±2 mm
54±2 mm
57±2 mm
59±2 mm
65±2 mm
Forefinger length
66±2 mm
68±2 mm
72±2 mm
74±2 mm
80±2 mm
Middle finger length
77±2 mm
79±2 mm
82±2 mm
85±2 mm
92±2 mm
Ring finger length
68±2 mm
71±2 mm
75±2 mm
77±2 mm
82±2 mm
Little finger length
52±2 mm
54±2 mm
56±2 mm
60±2 mm
64±2 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity

We are a manufacturer and Minimum Order Quantity is 100.000 boxes.

What is lead time?

With production you can expect your gloves in Ho Chi Minh port within 2 weeks. We can produce 3,000,000 boxes per month.

Payment terms?

We offer following payment terms:
Cash - 50% down 50% on SGS
Letter of Credit
Escrow - Vannin Attorneys or Finance bank

Upfront payment is required. Contact us to discuss additional informationion!

Where are the gloves produced?

The gloves are produced in our own factory, in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Can't Find Answer?

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