Vannin Healthcare Global offers various diagnostic and serology tests for identifying the presence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus2 (SARS-CoV-2). SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID-19 which means that its presence could indicate that a person has been infected.

There are two types of tests currently used to determine the presence of the virus:

  • Molecular diagnostic tests or viral tests (Swab tests)
  • Antibody serology tests (Blood tests)

Vannin Healthcare Global’s Serology Tests

To find out whether antibodies are present in an obtained sample (whole blood, plasma, or serum), serology tests are used. The presence of antibodies could indicate a past infection. And depending on the type of the immunoglobulins present, it could also determine the approximate time when the infection occurred.

After fighting a coronavirus, our bodies are likely to produce two classes of antibodies: IgM and IgG. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, both IgM and IgG are most likely to occur simultaneously within two to three weeks after a person’s been infected. For a firmer diagnosis, Vannin Healthcare Global offers serology tests that check for both IgM and IgG antibodies.

Can detect and differentiate between IgM and IgG antibodies

Differentiating between the antibodies is crucial when it comes to providing proper medical advice to your patients. The appearance of IgM antibodies is the initial response of the organism fighting to suppress the virus. These antibodies could indicate that the patient is still infectious, and advising patients to self-isolate is the appropriate course of action. IgG antibodies can be detected in the blood sample usually within7-10 days after the onset ofinfection. If a patient has IgG antibodies, and no IgM antibodies, they have developed a temporary immunity to COVID-19.


No additional equipment necessary

The test design makes it a perfect choice for remote areas without access to fully-equipped laboratories. Simply obtain a blood sample from a patient, and add 10µl into the appropriate place on the testing cassette along with three drops (90µl) of the buffer. The results will appear in 10-15 minutes.

Point-of-care testing

Being easy-to-interpret and fast, it is ideal for rapid decision-making in the ICU or during a consultation with a patient. In medical disaster situations it is a vital tool for quickly containing further disease transmission.

CE-IVD marked, ISO 13485, FDA-cleared, Korea GMP-certified

Our COVID-19 tests are fully GMP and CE-certified, as shown by their respective labels on the product. Our viral COVID-19 tests are also compliant with the ISO 13485 standard. Please note that if you need reassurance regarding the certification of our products, we are willing to send you the copies of any relevant documents upon request!

Storage and Handling Requirements

The components of the kit should be stored at room temperature (2-30℃/36-86℉) until the expiration date stated. Store the kit at the proper temperature before and after use.Please note that you shouldn’t use the kit if it seems defective.