CPE Comfortable Protective Gowns – In Stock

Our non-surgical AAMI level 1 protection gowns come with a variety of comfort features that will make sure you don’t feel encumbered by their presence. Perfectly sized for ease of use, these medical gowns cover all critical zones, providing enough protection in minimum-risk situations where there’s a low chance of liquids coming into contact with the wearer. When it comes to CPE material, chlorinated polyethylene is an effective blood repellent that is also lightweight, durable and breathable.Specifically created to allow freedom of movement, our gowns come with strong seams and elastic knitted cuffs.

Use of Sterile Disposable Non-Surgical Drapes

The main difference between surgical and non-surgical gowns lies in the fact that non-surgical ones like ours are lightweight and provide <4.5g spray impact penetration. They are intended for basic hospital and clinic care, protecting the wearer from other influences, and other patients from microorganisms of the wearer. This low-level type of protective wear isn’t just reserved for medical personnel – you can also use coveralls for industrial operations, larger business organizations, and even for domestic use.

Important Safety Features for Medical Gowns

At Vannin Healthcare Global, we are proud to say that we’ve manufactured extremely durable and resistant gowns that passed both the hydrostatic pressure and impact penetration test. While ensuring uncompromising protection in all circumstances that comply with the levels of liquid barrier performance issued by the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), we have obtained bothrelevant CE certification and full FDA clearance.


Our non-surgical PE gowns are in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. Please note that these gowns have an EN 13795 certificate which is equivalent to low level AAMI hospital gowns.


Medical Gown Performance Standards – Overview
Tear Resistance ASTM D5587(woven) ASTM D5587 (non-woven) ASTM  D1424
Tensile Strength ASTM D5034 ASTM D1682 /
Seam Strength ASTM D751 / /
Breathability (Water Vapour) ASTM F1868 Part B ASTM D6701 (non-woven) ASTM D737-75
Lint Generation ISO 9073 Part 10 / /