Sophisticated Image Processing Software

High resolution images and quick image acquisition and transfer processes are the features that make the DM156 stand out compared to other Digital Mammography Systems. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, our Digital Mammography System comes with a large FPD display and a powerful filter integrated in its collimator for better image quality and more detailed results. The optimal design of the DM56 unit allows you to make firm diagnoses based on precise results without increasing the radiation dose.

Compressors Designed For Comfort

The Digital Mammography System was created to balance patient comfort with easy and intuitive configuration for mammography technologists everywhere. The smooth edges of the DM156’scompressor protect your patients from scratches, while the examination time is lessened with the unit’s automatic hold release after each exposure. The Digital Mammography System is also equipped with a release switchthat can givethe patient some control over the process, significantly improving patient ease and, in turn, considerably reducing examination time.

Flexible Operation

With a C-arm that can achieve angles from -135º to 180º (±2º), adjusting the DM156 to suit each patient comes incredibly easy to radiologists. This unit, however, is also equipped with impressive safety measures that won’t allow certain machinations until the safety conditions are adequately met. Our Digital Mammography System was designed to put patient safety first while allowing unprecedented versatility of movement easily configurablefor your convenience.

Digital Flat Panel Detector
Detector size 236.5mm x313.5mm (24cm x 30 cm)
Detector technology CsI scintillator paired to TFT matrix with a-Si technology
Preview image ≤ 5 seconds
Static pixel matrix 4096 x 3072
Pixel size 77μm
Spatial resolution 6LP/mm
Grayscale 16 bit
High Frequency Generator
Power requirement AC 220V
Output voltage 20 to 35 kV
Input voltage 220V
Power supply 5kW
mAs range 10 to 500mAs
Cathodic current 200mA/10mA
Frequency 40KHz
Work mode Intermittent
Automatic cooling control available
X-Ray Tube
Tube focus 0.1/0.3mm
Speed of the rotating anode 2800RPM
Anode heat storage capacity 300kHU
Output voltage 20 to 35kV
Maximum current 10mA/200mA
Target surface Mo target
C-arm Stand
FID 1420 to 2020mm
Arm circumgyrateangle -135º to +180º
SID 650mm
Compression Devices
Maximum height 280mm
Compressor size (YPQM-1) 240mm x 310mm
Compressor size (YPQM-2) 10mm x 100mm
Pressure 0 to 196N
Automatic release function available
Manual control function available
CPU Dual-core 3.7G 4M
Communication network card 1000m
Hard disk 500GB
Display 2M medical grade

24” LCD monitor

CD/DVD Recording/Burning available
Registration management, image acquisition, image viewer, image processing, film printing, system settings available
DICOM connection, original data, DICOM data storage available
Distance measurement,angle measurement,adjustment of image contrast and

brightness , image rotation, image flip,negative image, image distortion


Supports standard DICOM Printer available