Adaptable to Various Terrains

This Digital Mobile X-ray Radiographic System was designed to overcome the obstacles of different terrains and extend the services of a sophisticated DR System even to remote areas. Easily transferable to the ICU, ambulance, outpatient clinic, and other, the DP326B is equipped with wheels that can be boosted with the use of electrical power or manually. Its long battery life and endurance adds to the Mobile DR System’s mobility and enables you to reach your patients without difficulties.

Designed For an Optimised Workflow

The DP326B’s narrow body (580mm) allows you to easily move the System and place it in spaces normally unreachable by other DR units. Furthermore, this Digital Mobile X-ray Radiographic System can work wirelessly, protecting radiologists from unnecessary and harmful radiation exposure. The DP326B’s anode heat capacity permits continuous longer-lasting examination at the lowest dose possible and is combined with the unit’s sophisticated image stitching algorithm ensuring the highest possible image resolution.

Wireless Flat Panel Detector

The Flat Panel Detector of our Digital Mobile X-ray Radiographic System was designed to be as mobile as the rest of the unit. With its crystal clear imaging, this FPD was made specifically for simple configuration and reliable results. Connected wirelessly to the rest of the System, not only is it extremely lightweight, it is also considerably durable, and won’t stop working even if it gets wet. Another notable feature is the Flat Panel Detector’s smooth design which allows quick disinfection of the entire surface, providing you with the exceptionally optimised workflow your patients will appreciate.


High Frequency Generator
Load time 0.01 to 6.3 seconds
Nominal electric power 32 kW (320mA, 100kV, 0.1 s)
Maximum output electric power 40kW (400mA , 100kV)
Tube voltage 40 to 150kV
Tube current 50 to 400mA
Time range 0.002 to 6.3 seconds
mAs range 1 to 630 mAs


Power supply 24V, 1A
Max. operating voltage of X-ray tube 150kV
Maximum radiation field (SID=100cm) 430mmx430mm
Minimum radiation field 0mmx0mm
Inherent filtration (70kV) 1.2mm Al
Additional filtration plate (70kV) 0.5/1/1.5 mm Al
Filtration Perspex sheet of output window


0.2 mm Al
Distance from focal spot to mounting surface 60mm
Light source time limit ≥ 60 seconds
Dimensions (LxWxH) 170mm×188.5mm×266.5mm
Weight 7.5kg±0.5kg


Mobile rack
Name Range Precision
Telescopic arm lifting 580 to 1800mm ±5%
Telescopic arm lifting 720 to 1220mm ±5%
Stand column rotation ±315º ±2º


Digital Flat Panel Detector
Detector material CSI
Effective image size 350mmx430mm
Data depth 16 bit
Pixel unit 2500×3052
Spatial resolution Without additional attenuation

phantom state

3.5 Lp/mm
Additional thickness 20mm aluminium

attenuation phantom state

2.0 Lp/mm
Communication Frequency range 2412 to 2484MHz
Radio output power ≤100mW or ≤20dBm (EIRP)