Dynamic Flat Panel Detector

The DTP580 is equipped with a dynamic flat panel detector that has a large imaging area (430mm x 430mm)to provide you withthe best combination of reachability and image quality. With its high detective quantum efficiency (DQE), our Dynamic UC-Arm Series shows outstanding performance when it comes to detecting smaller scale objects and improving the image contrastwith low noise.  The DTP580’s impressive enhancement abilities will allow you to see more details and confidently reach diagnoses in less time compared to more traditional methods like LSR.

Advanced imaging processing

The DTP580’s advanced image processing software is able to create high-quality and extremely detailed images, that will maximise workflow efficiencyand give you more time for patient treatment and care. The Dynamic UC-Arm Series’ software will automatically reduce the noise visibility and artifacts, while improving the sharpness and contrast of an image. With additional features such as recording and saving of videos or pictures, real-time playback, and image stitching, the DTP580 provides you with all the tools you need to ensure you diagnosis are accurate and precise.

Image Stitching Function

Our Dynamic FPD UC-Arm Series comes with an advanced algorithm for image stitching that is able to produce seamless high resolution images that will help you feel more confident in your diagnoses. Highly sophisticated in operation and design, the algorithm automatically overlaps multiple images providing you with a precise and clear end result. Despite its integrated modern technology, the Dynamic FPD UC-Arm Series’ configuration was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, significantly reducing training time for radiologist and giving you more time to tend to patients.


Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
Model Angell-DR-CP
Detector Technology a-Si Flat Panel Detector
Scintillator Material Csl
Images Size 430mm×430mm (17×17 inch.)
Static Radiography Pixel Matrix 3072 x 3072 pixels
Dynamic Fluoroscopy Pixel Matrix 1536 x 1536 pixels
Spot-Film Pixel Matrix 3072 x 3072 pixels
Pixel Size 140 μm
Spot-Film Preparation Time ≤0.8 s
Switch between radiography and fluoroscopy ≤0.8 s
Spatial Resolution 3.5 lp/mm
Output Grayscale 16 bits
Frame Rate 6f/s and 12f/s
Acquisition Time ≤5 s
Preview Image Time ≤3 s



X-Ray Tube
Model SDR 150/30/50-1
Focus 0.6/1.0mm
Maximum Output Voltage 150kV
Anode Heat Capacity 330kHU
Anode Angle 12°
Anode Rotating Speed 9000rpm



High Frequency Generator
Model FSQ-6-6
Output power 50kW
Input Power Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output Voltage for Radiography 40kV to150kV
Output Voltage for Fluoroscopy 40kV to 120kV
Output Current for Radiography 10mA to 650mA
Output Current for Fluoroscopy 0.5mA to 6mA
mAs Range 0.4mAs to 630mAs
Input Power 380V, three phases
Auto Brightness Selection Function available



UC Arm Stand
Model UC-1
FID 465~1700mm
SID 1000~1800mm
UC ArmRotation Range -30°~+120°
DetectorRotation Range -30°~+30°
Length of High Voltage Cables 8m
Radiographic Bed Size 2000 x 650 x 760 mm
Platform Size: 895 x 984 x 2088 mm
Weight: 100 kg



Model XS-1
Power 150W (24V AC)
Max Work Dose 150kVp
Auto-close time 30s
Brightness ≥160lux (100cm)



Model JPI Grid-1000
Line 40l/cm
Ratio 10:1
Size 498.5×449mm
Focus 100cm



DX Ray Diagnostic Workstation
Model TS-2
Hard Disk 1T
Medical Monitor 24-inch LCD
Pixel Matrix 1920 x 1080 pixels
Patient Management Manual registration, Automatic Query from Worklist
Image Acquisition Automatic Window Adjustment, Automatic Sending, Static ImageAcquisition, Dynamic Image Acquisition, Video Save, Playback, Image Stitching
Image Processing Image Correction, Image Clipping ,Automatic ImageSegmentation, EAE Image Enhancement Processing, IEQ Image Processing.


Image Viewer Window/Level Adjustment, Image Flip, Image Rotation, ImageMagnification, Restore
Medical Report Automatic Loading of Patient Information, Expert Template
Film Printing Supports Standard DICOM 3.0 Printer
DICOM Transmission Complies with the standard DICOM 3.0 PACS andWorkstation
Fluoroscopy Amplification 3 steps (17/15, 17/12, 17/9)
Anatomically Programmed Radiography (APR) Auto pre-set parameter link to the

chosen body part.

In order to ensure the good matching of the system and the convenience ofmaintenance, The High-voltage Generator, Dynamic FPD Detector, Software System,and Mechanical parts are produced by the same manufacturer Angell Technology.
Support dynamic fluoroscopy video recording, saving, real-time playback, arbitrarysegment interception, saving and sending PACS function, timely and effective datasaving.
Full Body Image StitchingFunction available
Imaging Acquisition Technology Dual-channel