High chemical, bacterial, and viral resistance

Another unique benefit of Nitrile examination gloves is their durability against a greater number of chemicals compared to latex and vinyl gloves. They are the best choice if you’re handling oils and solvents, and are, therefore, commonly used in the food industry. Because of their high resistance, they have become the most preferred option in laboratories and various medical settings with a high risk of contamination.

Latex-free manufacturing

Our Nitrile examination gloves are not made with natural rubber latex. This makes them ideal for people suffering from Type I allergies, since they are not likely to cause an allergic reaction. Please note that you should take the “latex-free” claim of other suppliers with a grain of salt. There are currently no tests to determine whether any gloves are 100% latex-free, as noted by the FDA.

100% compliant with regulations (CE, EN 455, EN 374, ASTM D6319)

Here at Vannin Healthcare, we have successfully implemented the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our disposable Nitrile gloves are in compliance with the regulations specified by the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, making them fully CE-certified. The FDA has formally cleared our Nitrile gloves as valid PPE. Please note that if you need reassurance regarding the certification of our products, we are willing to send you the copies of the relevant documents upon request!

*Available sizes:

Sizes XS S M L XL
Length 235±5 mm 235±5 mm 235±5 mm 235±5 mm 235±5 mm
Palm width 75±5 mm 85±5 mm 95±5 mm 110±5 mm 120±5 mm
Thumb length 52±2 mm 54±2 mm 57±2 mm 59±2 mm 65±2 mm
Forefinger length 66±2 mm 68±2 mm 72±2 mm 74±2 mm 80±2 mm
Middle finger length 77±2 mm 79±2 mm 82±2 mm 85±2 mm 92±2 mm
Ring finger length 68±2 mm 71±2 mm 75±2 mm 77±2 mm 82±2 mm
Little finger length 52±2 mm 54±2 mm 56±2 mm 60±2 mm 64±2 mm


Physical Specifications
Palm Thickness Min 0.05 mm
Finger Thickness Min 0.05 mm
Wrist Thickness Min 0.05 mm
Tensile Strength Before Aging Min 14MPa

Average 18MPa

Tensile Strength After Aging Min 14MPa

Average 16MPa

Elongation Rate Before Aging Min 500%

Average 580%

Elongation rate After Aging Min 400%

Average 470%