Highly Adjustable Patient Table with Intelligent Lock for Patient Safety

The DTP570 is equipped with a remotely controlled table with numerous height and angle adjustment options that will simplifyexaminationsfor paediatric, geriatric, or patients with mobility issues. The Dynamic FPD Remote Table Series’ flexibilitydramaticallyreduces patient preparation time and allows you an effortless transfer of patients arriving on a trolley or in a bed. With its impressive tilting ability (from -15º to 90º vertically) you will be able to accommodate any patient easily. The DTP570’s intelligent lock will stop the table from moving, ensuring a smooth examination process every time.

Advanced Image Processing Technologies

Our Dynamic FPD Remote Table Series is equipped with sophisticated image processing technologies known for their quality and accuracy. Designed to provide you with all the tools you needfor a quick and confident diagnosis, the DTP570’s advanced software has been maximally optimised to automatically enhance the quality of images by reducing artifacts and using modern image processing techniques. Both images and videos that the DTP570 produces can be used as reference with the Series’ save and replay functions, an extremely valuable option to have when making diagnoses.

Image Stitching Algorithm

Our Dynamic FPD Remote Table Series comes with an advanced algorithm for image stitching that is able to produce seamless high resolution images that will help you feel more confident in your diagnoses. Highly sophisticated in operation and design, the algorithm automatically overlaps multiple images providing you with a precise and clear end result. Despite its integrated modern technology, the Dynamic FPD Remote Table Series’ configuration was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, significantly reducing training time for radiologist and giving you more time to tend to patients.


Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
Model Angell-DR-CP
Detector technology CsI scintillator paired to TFT matrix with a-Si technology
Image size 43×43 cm (17×17 inch)
Static pixel matrix 3072×3072
Dynamic pixel matrix 1536×1536 (6fp/s)

1024×1024 (2fp/s)

Pixel size 140µm
Spatial resolution 3.5 LP/mm
Grayscale 16 bit
Image acquisition time 2 seconds
Image processing time 3 seconds
X-ray voltage range 40 to 150kV
DC input power 24 V
Dimensions 490 x 490 x 41 mm
Weight 11 kg max


High Frequency Generator
Model FSQ-7-6
Nominal supply voltage 50/60Hz
Three-phase AC 380/400/415
Nominal electric power 50kW
Dimensions L637xW500xH837mm
Weight 170kg
Tube voltage 40 to 150kV
Tube current 10 to 650mA
Time range 0.002 to 6.3 seconds
mAs range 0.4 to 630 mAs
Tube voltage 40 to 120kV
Tube current 0.5 – 10mA


X-Ray Tube
Model SDR 150/30/50
Focal spot sizes 0.6 / 1.0 mm
X-Ray coverage 430mmX430mm when SID is 1000mm
Permanent filtration Max 2.5 mm Al/75kWin compliance with IEC IEC60601-1-3(2008)
Max output voltage 150KV(Radiography)
Power 30kW/50kW
 Max. heat content of assembly 1000kJ (1350kHU)
Max. continuous heat dissipation rate of assembly 275W (388HU/s)
Anode rotation speed 9700 min-1@180 Hz,2700 min-1@50 Hz
Weight 17.5kg


X-Ray Tube (Optional)
Model E7254FX
Focal spot sizes  0.6 / 1.2 mm
X-Ray coverage 430mmX430mm when SID is 1000mm
Permanent filtration Max 2.3 mmAl/75kW IEC IEC60522:1999
Max output voltage 150KV(Radiography)/125KV(Fluoroscopy)
Power 40kW/102kW
Max. heat content of assembly 950kJ (1339kHU)
Max. continuous heat dissipation rate of assembly 200W (266.6HU/s)
Max. anode heat content 285kJ (400kHU)
Max anode heat dissipation rate 11080W (1664HU/S)
Max continuous heat dissipation rate 300W (423HU/S)
Anode rotation speed 9700 min-1@180 Hz,2700 min-1@50 Hz


Multi-functional Remote-controlled Table
Model DC-DT-3
Tabletop size 2100mm×680mm
Attenuation equivalent <1.7mm Al
Weight load 200kg
Table tilting range -15° to vertical position 90°
Table tilting speed 26 seconds from 90º to 0º, 3.3 degrees per second
Soft start/soft stop available
Automatic stop in horizontal position (0º) available
Digital angle display on remote and table-side control available
Tabletop height 730mm
Longitudinal movement range of image unit


Longitudinal movement speed 41.7mm/s (soft start/soft stop included)
Lateral movement range 250mm
Lateral movement speed 21.7mm/s
Distance from X-ray focus to FPD surface (SID) app. 1000mm to 1800mm
Extension/Retraction speed of X-ray tube 36.2mm/s
Examination area of detector 650x1400mm
Tilting speed of column 4.35 degrees per second
Foot pedal rotation motorized 360° freely
clockwise 33s
anticlockwise 33s
rotation speed 10.9 degrees per second


Removable Grid
Grid ratio 10:1
Grid focus 1200mm
Grid density 40lp/cm


Model XS-E
Max. operating voltage of X-ray tube 150kV
Irradiation field (SID=100cm) 430mmx430mm
Field light LED 5W
Average illumination (SID=100cm) 160 lx or more
Contrast (SID=100cm) >4.0lx
Leakage radiation <0.5mGy/H
Illumination duration with automatic turn off Continuously for 30seconds
Light source time limit 30s±5s
Dimensions (LxWxH) 290mm×230mm×212.5mm
5” touch screen with UI available
Remote and motorized on/off, open/close available
Weight 9kg ± 0.5kg


Digital X-Ray Diagnostic Workstation
Model TS-4
CPU i5 Intel
Memory 8GB
Hard Drive 1TB
Monitor 24inch Monochrome Medical LCD
Resolution 1280*1024 pixels
DXRay Diagnostic software
Image Acquisition Enabled configuration of both positive and negative film image captures
Real time ROI cutting
Automatic window width adjustment
Real time enhancement
Display of patient, examination, device and image information
Image processing Sending SCU with DICOM – supported sending image to any PACS and workstations according to Standard DICOM3.0
Receiving SCP server with DICOM – support receiving image appropriate to the Standard DICOM3.0 from any workstation
Advanced image processing softwares iEAE
Image Stitching


Integrated remote-controlled console cart (optional)
Height adjustment range 770 to 1170mm
One-key positioning function available
One-key on/off function available
Exposure handle and fluoroscopy switch available
Remote control available