High Frequency Generator

The Floor-mounted DR Series are equipped with a powerful high frequency generator with multiple adjustable settings and reliable performance. Significantly improve the quality of images by adapting the contrast, brightness, density, or sharpness to suit the needs of your patients. In addition to achieving fast interrogation and extinction times typical of high frequency generators, you will also be able to easily control the beam intensityand beam penetration.

A-Si Flat Panel Detector

Our Floor-mounted DR Series fully incorporated the newest a-Si technology in its design, enabling a greater use of computer power with a reduction in hardware cost. Not only is the production of amorphous silicon eco-friendly, but when compared to traditionally used models (like c-Si modules) the a-Si detectors have shown a significant performance improvement. When compared to X-ray film technology, flat panel detectors have manifested greater sensitivity and speed, in addition to maintaining better image quality at a lower dose.

Optional: XG-2 or XG-3

You won’t have to worry about damaging the anodes or tubes in the near future, because both theXG-2 and XG-3 X-ray tubes come with two focal spots – a small one (0.6mm) for procedures that require detailed imaging of smaller regions, and a large one (1.0mm) to conveniently enable a higher heat capacity of the tubes. Both X-ray tubes were specifically designed for a maximally efficient energy conversion for successful low dose examinations whenever possible. For better image quality and faster rotational speed consider our XG-3. With greater heat capacity and more rotations per minute, this DR Series can complete examinations faster while generating images of even better quality.


Flat Panel Detector
Detector technology a-Si Flat Panel Detector
Image size 430mmx430mm
Static pixel matrix 3072×3072 pixels
Spatial resolution 3.7 lp/mm
Output grayscale 16 bit
Acquisition time ≤7 seconds
Auto-tracking function available
Size 17×17 / 14×17


High Frequency Generator
Model FSQ-50
Output power 50kW
Frequency 60kHz
kV range 40 ꟷ 150kV, 1kV step
mA range 100 ꟷ 650mA
mAs range 0.4 ꟷ 650mAs
Exposure time 0.004 ~ 3.2 s
Input power 380V, three phases


X-ray Tube
Model XG-2 XG-3
Focal spots 0.6mm/1.2mm 0.6mm/1.2mm
Voltage 150kV 150kV
Anode type rotating rotating
Anode heat capacity 300kHU 350kHU
Anode rotating speed 2800r/min (50Hz) 9500r/min (50Hz)
Output power 20kW/50kW 33kW/78kW


Floor-mounted System
Model PC-3
Bed size 2100x750x640mm
Longitudinal movement range of the bed surface ±500mm
Lateral movement range of the bed surface ±125
Rotation range of the column ±180º (lockable at 0º~90º)
Vertical movement range of the column along the bed ±900mm
Vertical movement range of the x-ray tube along the column 450-1850mm
Vertical movement range of the bucky stand cassette 450-1850mm
Manual control of bed movement available
Electrical control of other model systems available


Model XS-2
Peak tube voltage 150kVp
Power 150w (24V AC)
Auto-close time 30 seconds
Brightness ≥160lux (100cm)


DX Ray Diagnostic Workstation
Model TX-2
CPU Dual-core ≥3.0
Hard disk 500GB
Display 1920×1200
Imaging Part Indicator, Tissue Equalisation, Filter Correction, Grayscale available
Transform, Window/Level Adjustment, Gamma Correction, ROI Equalisation available
Black/White Reversion, Image Segmentation, Mark, Enhancement, Smoothing available
Sharpening, Compression, Magnification Graphic Text Report, Printing available
Film Printing, Supports standard DICOM 3.0 Laser Film Printer available
DICOM 3.0 Format, Compatible to transfer to PACS available