Material: Nonwoven Polypropylene

Our foot covers are made from nonwoven polypropylene fabric, a durable material also used in the manufacturing of face masks and outside medical settings. One of the specific characteristics of PP fabric is its resistance to liquids, dust, and various chemicals. Keep your environment clean easily with our nonwoven PP foot covers!

Stretchy and Durable

The Vannin Healthcare Shoe Covers were designed for wide application, and with that in mind we have used the material that is stretchable enough to fit comfortably, but durable enough to last and be effective in its protection. Suitable for medical, food processing, and manufacturing industry, they can also be used in any home or workplace.

An Effective Bacterial Barrier

Keep the rooms sterile with our comfortable and breathable foot coversand minimise the potential contamination from infectious agents that tend to accumulate on your shoes. The elasticated ankles and openings add to the barrier’s effectiveness when it comes to bacterial spread prevention. The shoe covers were intended for single-use application which serves to contain the infectious spread further.