Forhead Thermometers

Gauge temperatures from a safe distance in the blink of an eye with our Medical Infrared thermometer. Our non-contact digital thermometerswere made with safety and efficiency in mind. With them you can quickly determine the precise temperature of a body or surface. Made from nonporous plastic, they are easy to sanitise and keep clean. Suitable for any business, they are widely used in hospitals, malls, airports, offices, government institutions,and other public places.

Forhead Thermometers

Digital Oral Thermometers

Medical Thermometers. non contact medical thermometer. Our thermometers where specifically designed for large crowds where time is of the essence.

Forhead Thermometers

Near-instant Measuring

Our thermometers where specifically designed for large crowds where time is of the essence. Taking temperature in public places has become an important preventive measure against COVID-19. To ensure maximum efficiency and prevent unnecessary delays, consider using our digital thermometers to measure temperatures in a span of a single second!

Contactless and easy to clean

Keep potential contaminants at arm’s length with our Non-contact Infrared Thermometers. Measure a person’s temperature with your arm straight and while keeping a distance of 1 to 10cm between you for minimal invasiveness. However, if your thermometer does accidentally touch another person’s skin, you can easily sanitise it with some disinfectant wipes. The thermometers nonporous material prevents infectious agents from latching onto the surface which further facilitates the cleaning process.

100% compliant with regulations (CE-certified, FDA-cleared, RoHS-compliant)

The Vannin Medical IR Thermometers are fully CE-certified, being in compliance with the regulations specified by the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. The FDA and RoHS have formally cleared our Thermometers as consistently meeting their set of requirements. Please note that if you need reassurance regarding the certification of our products, we are willing to send you the copies of the relevant documents upon request!




Product model ZLK-IRT101, Care4U TF-600, QQZM
Measurement display resolution 0.1ºC / 0.1ºF 0.1ºC / 0.1ºF
Measuring range 32ºC~43 ºC/ 95 ºF~109.4 ºF 32ºC~42.9ºC / 89.6ºF~109.2ºF
Measuring distance 1 – 10 cm 1 – 10 cm
Operating ambient temperature range 10ºC~40ºC / 50ºF~104ºF 16ºC~35ºC / 60.8ºF~95ºF
Operating ambient humidity ≤80%RH RH≤85%
Storage temperature range -25ºC~55ºC / -13ºF~131ºF -25ºC~55ºC / -13ºF~131ºF
Response time 1 second 1 second
Power DC3V DC3V
Power supply two AAA batteries two AAA batteries
Dimensions (LengthxWidthxHeight) 116mmx55mmx170mm 101mm x 40mm x143mm
Weight 125g (without batteries) 120g±3g
RoHS compliant YES NO


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Forhead Thermometers

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