When to Use Hand Sanitiser Wipes

According to the World Health Organization’s standards, all the antiseptic hand hygiene products must contain about 60-90% of alcohol so that they could be effective enough against the pathogens.

Containing an ethyl alcohol-based formula (75%), as is recommended by the CDC and WHO, these alcohol sanitiser wipes are a must during the COVID-19 pandemic. This clinically proven hand hygiene solution can be used in hospitals for medical staff, visitors, patients or residents who cannot get out of the bed. Of course, their use is not limited to hospitals.

They remove 99.9% of germs. Soothing aloe and vitamin E will moisturise your skin and protect it from dryness at the same time. They are also suitable for everyday use at work, on a business trip or in nature when hand-washing is not an option.


Compliant With All the Regulations

The Certificate of Conformity verifies that these wipes have been tested and found in compliance with the following European Directive:

  • EN71 directive 2009/48/EC

Standards Applicable for Testing

  • EN71 – 1 : 2014
  • EN71 – 2 : 2011 + A1 : 2014
  • EN71 – 3 : 2013 + A1 : 2014