Order Durable AAMI Level 4 Surgical Gowns

Endless hours of patient care and neverending shifts are some things that many medical professionals deal with, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can ease the strain by wearing comfortable personal protection equipment. Manufactured with comfort in mind while providing optimal durability, Vannin hospital sterile gowns come with cuffs and strong seams for the anti-rip effect.

When to Use Level 4 Sterile Gowns

High-level protection is intended for a variety of surgical procedures where there’s a high fluid penetration risk, usually due to blood spatters or non-airborne viruses. This means that you can use these surgical gowns where there’s a high risk of contracting viruses and pathogens. The AAMI level 4 gowns have to pass 3 tests which prove the barrier protection performance – the ability of the material to withstand pressure, the impact of liquids on the gown’s surface, and passing a test with simulated blood containing a virus.

Certified Medical Gowns

Our hospital gowns comply with the levels issued by the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). Moreover, Vannin gowns are fully CE-certified and FDA-cleared. Please note that these gowns have a high-level EN 13795 certificate in addition to their FDA high-level AAMI (level 3 and 4) clearance.


Decide for yourself: Hospital Gown Materials!

Vannin Healthcare Global is one of the rare suppliers who let you choose you’re the material of your hospital gown at no additional cost. If you’re indifferent about the design of your gown or just want to surprise your future self, feel free to skip this step.


Choose the material type: PP+PE or SMS


Polyethilene Coated Polypropilene is a material used for its high waterproof abilities and is a perfect choice when you’redealing with potentially infectious blood and other liquids. Furthermore, this material type is lightweight and breathable which is why it’s widely used in hospital gown manufacturing. Being anti-bacterial as well, it can protect you on all fronts!

I want the PP+PE Hospital Gown Material!

SMS stands for Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond material. It’s a non-woven fabric that has high waterproof abilities. Also, SMS material is more lightweight than other material types, so gowns made from it can help reduce fatigue during long hospital shifts. Another benefit of SMS is its high capacity when it comes to preventing lint generation, making it fully hypoallergenic as well.

I want the SMS Hospital Gown Material!