Detects viral proteins

This COVID-19 test detects the presence of specific antigens found on the virus, namely Nucleocapsid proteins and Spike proteins. Since these antigens can be found only during the infection, a positive result would provide an unequivocal confirmation of viral presence. Please note that even if the lines on the test seem faint, they indicate a definite positive result.

No additional equipment necessary

The test design makes it a perfect choice for remote areas without access to fully-equipped laboratories. Simply obtain a nasopharyngeal swab sample from a patient, and insert it into an appropriate lysis buffer. Three drops of the extracted specimen are sufficient for the results to appear after 10 minutes.

Point-of-care testing

Being easy-to-interpret and fast, it is ideal for rapid decision-making in the ICU or during a consultation with a patient. In medical disaster situations it is a vital tool for quickly containing further disease transmission.

Storage and Handling Requirements

The components should be stored at 1-30℃/33.8-86℉ until the expiration date stated. You shouldn’t use the kit if it seems defective. Please note that for better accuracy, follow-up testing is recommended.

CE-IVD marked, FDA-cleared, ISO 13485, Korea GMP-certified

Our COVID-19 tests are fully GMP and CE-certified, as shown by their respective labels on the product. The FDA has formally cleared our Test Kits as consistently meeting their set of requirements. Our viral COVID-19 tests are also compliant with the ISO 13485 standard. Please note that if you need reassurance regarding the certification of our products, we are willing to send you the copies of any relevant documents upon request!