Medical Protective Suit Features:


Intended for use in places where there is a medium to high risk of contamination, these cat III type 6b medical suits are recommended for use in patient isolation units. They are suitable for protection against viruses like Ebola, Bird-flu, against inorganic chemicals and other biological hazards. Of course, these types of suits are highly recommended in COVID-19 hospitals. They can be used for protection of the healthcare workers, but they are also convenient for specialists trained for disinfection in medical facilities.


Comfortable Suits and Coveralls for Everyday Use


Working with patients can be exhausting and it often lasts for hours. We are aware that healthcare workers put up with a lot of pressure, and that is why we pay a lot of attention to making lightweight and easy to wear personal protective equipment.


These suits are breathable, tear-resistant and skin-friendly on the inside. Cuffs, ankles and waist are elasticated for optimum fit and the new improved design provides a vast freedom of movement. It also has a double self-adhesive zipper flap that provides a high level of protection and makes it easy to put on or take off. In a COVID-19 environment, speed is Suits In Compliance With All tandards


Our products are high-quality pieces of personal protective equipment that are also CE-certified and FDA-approved. They are compliant with the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of The European Parliament and of the Council.


Relevant Standards Review
EN 14126: 2003 + AC; 2004 Protective clothing – Performance and requirements and test methods for protective clothing against pathogens
EN 13795 – 1: 2002 Surgical clothing and drapes – Requirements and test method for surgical drapes and gowns
EN 943-1: 2015 Protective clothing against liquid and gaseous chemicals, aerosoles and solid particles