ROSC-U: Miniature Mechanical CPR Chest Compressor

A portable CPR solution invaluable to any A&E unit.


With its long-life battery lasting up to three hours at full charge and its compact lightweight design, the ROSC-U Chest Compressor will allow you to treat your patients on the go. This Miniature Chest Compressor is the perfect alternative to conventional CPR methods and can even be used during patient transport. The ROSC-U is able to consistently operate at a rate and depth recommended by the AHA while significantly minimising injury due to chest compressions compared to other CPR methods.

Features of the ROSC-U Miniature Mechanical CPR Chest Compressor

  • compactly designed to allow exceptional mobility
  • can be positioned in as little as 10 seconds
  • easy to use even during transport
  • equipped with an independent high capacity battery that can last up to 180 minutes
  • highly adjustable
  • comes with different Patient Depth Modes
  • lightweight (only 3.27kg)
  • fully regulated and certified (ISO, CE-MDD, FDA)
  • extremely practical

Easy to Use

With straightforward configuration and simple build, the ROSC-U Miniature Chest Compressor was singularly designed to lessen the training time necessary for effective use. The ROSC-U can be positioned in as little as 10 seconds, allowing you to quickly offer treatment to those who need it. Lightweight and small, it weighs only 7.2lbs (3.27kg) which makes it a perfect addition to any EMS.

Highly Adjustable

The ROSC-U Miniature Chest Compressor can be adapted to practically any patient, and it has adjustable compression rate and depth, making every treatment patient-specific. With its three levels of compression depth, it will provide your patients with constant compressions at a consistent rate impossible to achieve with manual CPR.

Extremely Practical

Not only is the ROSC-U Chest Compressor lightweight and compactly designed for convenient transport, it is also equipped with a high capacity battery that can last up to 3 hours. The battery was chosen specifically for its reliable power supply and low toxicity, so as to considerably contribute to the efficiency of the device. Furthermore, the size of this Miniature Chest Compressor allows it to fit practically anywhere, making it especially useful for emergency treatments.


ROSC-U Miniature Mechanical Chest Compressor Specifications
Weight Compressor Assembly 7.2lbs (3.27kg)
Battery Control Unit 10.1lbs (4.58kg)
Size Compressor Assembly 7.15ʺ x 5ʺ x 7.75ʺ (18.16cm x 12.7cm x 19.69cm)
Battery Control Unit 10ʺ x 6ʺ x 9ʺ (25.4cm x 15.24cm x 22.86cm)
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Compression Depth 1.38ʺ /1.69ʺ /2ʺ (3.5cm/4.3cm/5.1cm) (Adjustable)
Compression Frequency 100/min ±5
Duty Cycle 50±5
Interruption of Manual Compressions 10 seconds or less
Patient Size 30.7ʺ – 51.1ʺ in chest circumference (78cm – 129.8cm)
Patient Weight limited only by the patient’s ability to fit
Run Time per Charge up to 3 hours use on a full charge
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 40℃ / -4℉ to 104℉
Storage Temperature -20℃ to 60℃ / -4℉ to 104℉
Relative Humidity 5% to 65%, non-condensing

Modes (Operator Selectable)

Continuous Compressions
30:2 (30 compressions followed by a 3 second pause for ventilation)