10.4” TFT LCD touch screen

With a large high quality screen that comes with the Eternity SH300 you will be able to clearly see and compare the waveforms of each patient’s respiratory process. This mechanical ventilator can show you the pressure, volume, and time component of each ventilation mode, along with the P-V and F-V loops. The large screen makes the ventilation waveform even easier to interpret, since the trends and relationships of the waveforms are clearly seen.

A rich variety of modes

The Eternity SH300 is highly adjustable which is instantly evident from its diverse options of available modes. Some of the modes offered are VCV, PCV, PRVC, SPONT, BIPAP, and others. For example, if you choose the PRVC (Pressure-Regulated Volume Control) mode you can adjust at which times the air is delivered and its pressure and volume. Furthermore, you can limit the delivery of breaths to be ventilator- or patient-initiated.

Inspiratory Hold and Expiratory Hold options

In addition to the Inspiratory Hold option, the Eternity SH300 has the Expiratory Hold as well. With these options you can reduce the risk of disease transmission by using the Inspiratory Hold to pause the respiratory process and clear out the accumulated phlegm. If you want to measure the pressure within airways you can do so if the alveolar pressure is equal to the pressure at the mouth (in a no-flow state). You can do this by using the Expiratory Hold option.

Fully Certified ICU Ventilators (Directive 93/42/EEC, IEC 60601, ISO 9001, ISO 13485)

Our Eternity SH300 Ventilator is compliant with the Medical Device Directive (Directive 93/42/EEC), and has met all the necessary requirements set by the IEC 60601-1:1988 + A1:1991 + A2:1995. Our ICU ventilators are also in compliance with ISO 9001, as well as ISO 13485.

Emergency Power System

Although the electrical expenditure of the Eternity SH300 ventilator is lower, it still requires an electrical power supply for its regular functioning.  However, you’ll be happy to hear that the device can rely on its internal emergency power system in case of a power outage. Its lithium battery will deliver air to your patients for over two hours. Known for its stability, lithium batteries are also more power efficient than other types of batteries. With such a reliable and durable emergency power system, you can rest assured your patients will get the treatment they need.


Item Specification
Autonomic respiratory rate 0bpm ~40bpm
Total respiratory rate 0bpm ~ 100bpm
Tidal volume 20 ~ 2500ml
Inspiratory time 0.1 ~ 12 sec
Pause time 0 ~ 50%
PEEP/CPAP 0 ~ 50 cmH2O
Pure oxygen aeration 2 min
Pressure trigger sensitivity (PEEP-20cmH2O) ~ (PEEP 0cmH2O)
Flow trigger sensitivity 1 ~ 20 L/min
Nebulisation 0 ~ 60 min
Inhaled oxygen concentration 48% ꟷ100% consecutive adjustment
Inspiratory hold 15 sec max
Expiratory hold 15 sec max
Manual ventilation Yes
Waveform freeze Yes