Our mechanical ventilation devices are designed with high functionality, but also comfort and convenience in mind. The trolley allows smooth and quick movement in any direction. The device itself can be detached from the trolley and carried and used as a separate unit. This makes the YH-830 more convenient for use in hospitals, clinics, on field, or even at homes.

Noise ≤32 dBA

Our YH-830 BPAP unit is as quiet as a whisper, enabling you to feel the benefits of its use with ease. Whether you’re a medical professional constantly surrounded by noisy machines, or just a light sleeper, you can rest assured that the sound of our ventilation device won’t contribute to the noise around you.

Smart Humidifier

This PAP unit can adapt the humidity of the air it provides to match the levels of humidity present in its environment. This function can be easily enabled, but doesn’t have to be. The device also comes with fixed humidity settings that range from level 1 (33℃ / 91.4℉) to level 6 (55℃ / 131℉).

Reminder Settings

If you are a medical professional, you are probably overwhelmed with information on a regular basis, so any straightforward task is a relief. This is why our Bi-level device comes with several reminder sounds that could help you pinpoint an issue immediately. For example, the device can tell you if the mask is not properly set, or if it’s removed during the therapy, or even if there’s a sudden power outage. All the alarm sounds are adjustable for maximum convenience.

Various available modes: CPAP, S, T, ST, VGPS

Our YH-830 ventilation device is fully adjustable for different ailments. It has five operating modes. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure, and is often used when a patient is suffering from OSA or heart failure. The S (spontaneous) mode follows the patient’s breathing pattern, while the T (timed) mode is a regular breathing pattern prescribed by a professional. The mode termed ST is a combination of the two previous modes. It can be triggered either by the device (if the set number of breaths is not met) or spontaneously by the patient. VGPS (Volume Guaranty Pressure Support) is the most advanced mode of the YH-830 model. It automatically monitors and adjusts the volume of assisted breaths to maintain the target respiratory rate and optimise the patient-device synchronisation.

Non-invasive ventilation

YH-830 ventilation device is a BiPAP machine that does not require intubation. It works with non-invasive masks to deliver assisted breaths by positive airway pressure. By delivering air that is higher in pressure than the air in the lungs, the breathing comes easier to the patient due to less resistance, and their lung capacity is increased.

YH-830 and COVID-19

WHO has officially approved using non-invasive ventilation devices for the management of COVID-19. However, when using non-invasive ventilation to help patients who are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you need to take additional infection control measures. The use of NIV was approved for the patients who could benefit from assisted breathing due to respiratory problems caused by the virus. Please note that wearing PPE (gloves, gowns, respirators, face shields, etc.) will minimise the risk of an infection and is highly recommended.




Item Specification
Power Input: AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1.8 A max
Output: DC 24 V, 3.33 A
Environment conditions Operating temperature 5-35℃/ 41-95℉
Operating humidity relative humidity 15-90%
Modes S, T, ST, VGPS
Air filter Material: Polyester non-woven fibre

Average arrestance: ≥85% for ~ 2.5 micron dust

IPAP (S, T, ST, VGPS) 4-30 cmH2O, ±(2% of the full scale reading +4 of the actual reading)
EPAP (S, T, ST, VGPS) 4-30 cmH2O, ±(2% of the full scale reading +4 of the actual reading)
Therapy setting (CPAP) 4-20 cmH2O, ±(2% of the full scale reading +4 of the actual reading)
BPM 5-50bpm (adjustable) step is 1 bpm
Slope 1-5 level (adjustable)
Trigger 1-5 level (adjustable)
Cycle 1-5 level (adjustable)
IE ratio 10-70% (adjustable)
Ramp 0-45min
Tidal volume 50-1500ml (only for VGPS mode)
Maximum flow 150 LPM
Displayed values Value Range Accuracy
Tidal volume 50-1500ml ±50ml or ±25% of reading whichever is greater
Leak volume 20-99.9 l/min ±50ml or ±25% of reading whichever is greater
Minute volume 0-50 l/min ±20%
Respiratory ratio (I/E) 10-70% ±20%
Respiratory rate (BPM) 5-50bpm ±2bpm
Package size



37×24×17cm(cart parts)



Package weight N.W: 22 kg

G.W: 28 kg