The 50,000 Dupont suits are being delivered to our client in the USA.

A Global Response to the Global Epidemic

The quality PPE is always in high demand, but the second wave of the Coronavirus is putting a strain on the already depleted medical resources. As a global supplier of medical equipment, we at Vannin Healthcare Global are doing our part and gathering the resources that will help medical professionals everywhere fight off the newest viral wave.

At Vannin Healthcare Global we are particularly proud when we manage to meet the largest of our client’s demands, so we won’t shy away from a challenge even if the order seems to be too large-scale. That we are able to successfully supply large-scale bulk orders is constantly confirmed by our numerous completed projects with governments around the world.

And although we pride ourselves on being able to fulfil even the largest of orders, we are especially proud when some of our smaller projects make a major difference.

There is no doubt that the 50,000 high quality ProShield suits being delivered to our client in the USA will help them in their fight against COVID-19. But our ability to supply our clients with the medical equipment of highest quality would be impossible without the joint efforts of our remarkable manufacturers.

Our on-going partnership with DuPont enables us to deliver protective suits globally from our warehouse in the UK. As a manufacturer that specialises in constructing suits that are both durable and with high protective abilities, DuPont offers a high variety of quality PPE that we are only too happy to continue to supply to the world. This is mainly why many of our clients often choose their ProShield suits, our close client in Belgium being among them, having selected DuPont suits on many noteworthy occasions.

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity and express our sincerest gratitude to everyone contributing in any way they can to fight off the virus.

Together with our manufacturers we are able to give medical professionals everywhere the tools they need to do what they do best – take care of all of us. We are forever grateful for all their efforts, and hope people everywhere will recognise the little things they do could also mean a lot to help our heroes win against the pandemic.

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