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At Vannin Healthcare Global our commitment to the quality of medical equipment and customer care is second to none. We form long-term relationships that are based on mutual respect and satisfaction. 

Who We Are

Vannin Healthcare Global is a multi-cultural, market-leading, and
company with extensive technological expertise.

Everybody at Vannin Healthcare Global is committed to delivering impeccable service. By constantly looking for new and innovative solutions, we aim to completely optimise the sales process and make certain you have a positive experience. Every member of our dedicated team works relentlessly to ensure our clients are satisfied.

Vannin Healthcare Global – the only one-stop source of medical supplies you’ll ever need.

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Mobile Clinics

Why compromise on who gets the care they need? With our mobile clinics you will be able to reach any patient quickly, and provide them with the excellent care they deserve.

Our Mission

We know excellent care wouldn’t be possible without the necessary instruments. That is why our sole purpose is to provide you with high quality tools for doing what you do best – caring for your patients.
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Invasive and Non-Invasive Medical Equipment

Our ICU ventilators are highly configurable units with at least one back-up power source for optimised performance. Adjust the settings individually to each patient while feeling confident the ventilator will continue to work even in the case of a power outage.

Geographical Focus

We don’t stop at borders when it comes to service, and our history of successful partnerships is proof of that. We regularly supply medical equipment to over 3000 hospitals and clinics worldwide. 

Green Cube

Become a part of the vast online network of health centres by choosing our Green Cube system. Green Cube is a comprehensive database of clinical records, procedures, and other relevant information that can considerably alleviate the workload of medical professionals everywhere.

Our response to
the COVID-19 pandemic

Personal Protective Equipment

As a global wholesale supplier of medical equipment, we are well prepared to effectively tackle the current shortage of PPE. Feel free to browse our rich assortment of durable and fully certified gloves, face masks, respirator masks, gowns, suits, foot covers, surgical caps, and other PPE.

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