A 12 channels diagnostic electrocardiograph able to display and measure ECG traces, and store and print electrocardiograms quickly and reliably.

Suitable for both adult and paediatric patients, the TouchECG Software was especially designed to offer accurate monitoring of cardiac function and aid medical professionals in reaching diagnoses. Highly flexible, it can be easily adapted for use in any medical facility, as well as outside of it: for emergency units and even patients’ homes. Able to store up to 1000 ECG’s, integrate your TouchECG Software with Green Cube for secure and convenient accessibility regardless of your location.

Exceptional Signal Processing Quality

The TouchECG Software has been designed for advanced signal processing. This is why the quality of its signal processing meets even the most severe medical standards (those of the AMSI – AAMI, AHA, ACC). Furthermore, this ECG Software is in accordance with the latest ISO, CE-MDD, and FDA regulations, in addition to guaranteeing exceptional information security (meets the ISO/IEC 27001international standard).


Replace your traditional High-end System with this Software and reduce your costs by as much as 50%. Less demanding and more flexible, the TouchECG Software can be integrated into any touch-screen device. Its simple configuration translates to less training time for medical professionals allowing them to quickly reach and exceed their full potential.


The TouchECG Software is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and PCs for extra convenience. A flexible software solution, it allows for treatment both within and outside medical facilities. Administer on-the-spot treatment and have the clinical report instantly exported as SCP, PDF, or GDT. Combine the TouchECG Software Solution with Green cube to immensely improve data transfer and establish a reliable network that will encourage unprecedented efficiency among your medical personnel.


Technical specifications of the TouchECG Software

Minimal requirements for the computer

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor Intel i5 or higher
RAM 4GB or more
Free space on HDD 3GB or more
Monitor 640 x 480 pixels or more
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR
Printer Laser (colour/BW)
Additional applications Email application which supports the EML format (only required for the email File Upload feature)

ECG acquisition (HD+ unit)

ECG leads 12-leads (I, II, III, aVR-L-F, V1-6)
Patient cable 10 replaceable wire patient lead
CMMR 115dB
DC input impedance no lead-off 100MΩ
A/D converter 24 bit, 32 KHz
Sampling frequency 500 samples/second/channel
A/D conversion 20 bit
Resolution <1 µV/LSB
Dynamic range +/- 400mV
Bandwidth 0.05-150Hz
Pacemaker detection Hardware detection coupled with digital convolution filter
De-fibrillation protection AAMI/IEC standard
Front-end performance ANSI/AAMI IEC 60601-2-25:2011
Data transfer Bluetooth 2.0+ with “secure pairing”


Operating system Windows
Pacemaker detection Hardware recognition (HD+ acquisition unit)
Lead-fail detection Independent for all leads
Cardiac frequency range 30-300bpm
Base line stabilisation Fully digital diagnostic high pass filter
AC filter Adaptive 50/60Hz digital filter
Muscle filters Digital low pass filter, 25 and 40Hz (for printout and display)
ECG measurements All leads, medians, corrected
ECG acquisition mode Automatic (12 channels), Manual (3/6 channels), Review (12 channels)
Lead configuration Standard, Cabrera
ECG interpretation Glasgow algorithm for adults, paediatric, STEMI (optional)
ECG interpretation parameters Race, sex, age, drugs
Memory Internal archive stores up to 1000 ECG’s

Exported formats

SCP, PDF, GDT Standard format
DICOM Included in DICOM connectivity option
HL7 Optional


USB, LAN, Wi-Fi Dependent on support device (computer)


Resolution Variable in relation to printer
Paper type Variable in relation to printer
Sensitivity/gain 5, 10, 20mV/mm
Automatic print speed 25, 50mm/s
Automatic print 3, 3+1 6, 12 channels; Standard or Cabrera
Automatic print formats 12×1, 6×2, 3×4, 3×4+1, 3×4+3
Manual print speed 5, 10, 25, 50mm/sec
Manual printing 3, 6, 12 channels; Standard or Cabrera
Manual print formats 12×1, 6+6, 3×1


Regulations and Safety

Classification according to MDD 93/42/EEC

Class Class IIa
Rational Rule 10 annex IX Directive 93/42/EEC and its amendments
Notifed body TUV (1936)

Classification according to FDA

Classification pending
Product Code pending
Review Panel pending
Regulation Number pending

Classification according to IEC 62304 – Software

Class of risk B

Performances (ECG display)

Standard EN 60601-2-25:2011

Other classifications

GMDN 16231 – Electrocardiographs, Interpretive
RDM (Medical Device Catalogue) 1369845
Applicable standards EN 980:2008

EN 1041:2008

EN ISO 13485:2012

EN ISO 14971:2012

EN ISO 15223:2012

EN 60601-2-25:2011

IEC 60601-1-11:2015

EN 62304:2006

EN 62366:2008