Protection for You and Your Patients

Your everyday and work clothing is riddled with microbial contaminants that could endanger your patients and cause infections, which is why wearing a medical apron is highly recommended.  Don’t risk contamination that could have serious consequences on your health and the health of those around you, and wear our disposable medical aprons.

Lightweight and Thin

Our medical aprons are made from plastic which is 100% recyclable and comfortable to wear. The lightweight material makes it easy for you to move and fulfil your everyday duties without the usual strain that comes with the heavy material clothing.

Easy to Put On

Although our medical aprons are easy to put on, it is also important to put them on properly so as to minimise the risk of contamination. Before putting the apron on and after taking it off, hand-washing is crucial. You should also make sure the surface facing the patient doesn’t get contaminated by accidentally coming into contact with other objects and surfaces. After placing the neck loop over your head, place the apron to fully cover the front of your body and secure the waist straps tightly.