When to Use Surgical Caps

Some case studies have shown that human-to-human transmission of microorganisms from the scalp and hair of medical professionals can occur, so it is highly recommended to use surgical caps in hospital ORs. Apart from the hospitals and other medical facilities, these protective caps can be used in the cosmetic, pharmacological and even food industry.

Surgical Caps Comfortable Design

In the circumstances in which medical professionals spend hours working really hard, it is crucial that they are supplied with the personal protective equipment that can make their job easier and more comfortable.

These surgical caps are designed to be lightweight and breathable, but also to prevent potential fluid contact. They are made from high strength material with a good filter performance. That makes them convenient for long hospital shifts and everyday use, ensuring a perfect fit. Having a crescent shape, they are constructed to conform to the natural shape of the head, to ensure full coverage. They also protect the scalp from irritation or itch. This is the main reason why our surgical caps are a perfect choice for all sorts of medical professionals.

High-Quality PPE Product

We guarantee that our surgical caps present the very best of PPE in terms of quality. Our company always works in collaboration with healthcare workers. We’ve put an effort to respond to their demands and we listen to their feedback advice, based on the experience from the healthcare field. Like every product that we have manufactured, surgical caps are made to fulfill the needs of all medical professionals who have to use them.