High-Quality Surgical Gowns – In Stock

Our surgical AAMI level 2 protection gowns are intended to be used for prolonged periods of time. That’s why we have paid special attention to the comfort and build of our surgical hospital gowns. Even in the case of non-invasive proceduresif the procedures where you will be using this protective gown are non-invasive, you still need to maintain freedom of movement.

Elastic knitted cuffs and durable seams will make sure that your surgical gown remains fully functional during your patient care.

Use of Sterile Surgical Drapes

Light to medium-weight surgical gowns are intended for small surgical interventions and hospital care. That includes caring for ICU patients, suturing, blood draws from a vein, or working in a pathology lab. These are all low-risk situations where our gowns can easily withstand some blood spatter and light soaking without contaminating the wearer.

Vannin Medical Gown Certifications

At Vannin Healthcare, we are proud to say that we manufacture extremely durable hospital apparel. Our protective gowns comply with the levels of liquid barrier performance issued by the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). Please note that these gowns are also compliant with the EN 13795 standard and fully CE-certified.

Decide for yourself:Hospital Gown Materials!

Vannin Healthcare is one of the rare suppliers who let you choose you’re the material of your hospital gown at no additional cost. If you’re indifferent about the design of your gown or just want to surprise your future self, feel free to skip this step.


Choose the material type: PP+PE or SMS


Polyethilene Coated Polypropilene is a material used for its high waterproof abilities and is a perfect choice when you’redealing with potentially infectious blood and other liquids. Furthermore, this material type is lightweight and breathable which is why it’s widely used in hospital gown manufacturing. Being anti-bacterial as well, it can protect you on all fronts!

I want the PP+PE Hospital Gown Material!

SMS stands for Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond material. It’s a non-woven fabric that has high waterproof abilities. Also, SMS material is more lightweight than other material types, so gowns made from it can help reduce fatigue during long hospital shifts. Another benefit of SMS is its high capacity when it comes to preventing lint generation, making it fully hypoallergenic as well.

I want the SMS Hospital Gown Material!

Medical Gown Performance Standards – Overview
Tear Resistance ASTM D5587(woven) ASTM D5587 (non-woven) ASTM  D1424
Tensile Strength ASTM D5034 ASTM D1682 /
Seam Strength ASTM D751 / /
Breathability (Water Vapor) ASTM F1868 Part B ASTM D6701 (non-woven) ASTM D737-75
Lint Generation ISO 9073 Part 10 / /